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8.4 Internet PeopleCode Cheat Sheet

   by Joseph Weessies

    STARR Software Inc.
    February, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Joe Weessies has been involved with business software for over 20 years. He has seen the progression from MRP To ERP to Optimization. He has worked on small private companies to large fortune 500 corporations. Joe joined with PeopleSoft in March of 1996 to be one of their first manufacturing consultants. By the end of the year, Joe had earned the 1996 Consultant of the year award. In 1997, Joe had earned 3 Top Performer awards from PeopleSoft Consulting. Joe was not only considered one of the top functional consultants within the Supply Chain area but also a top-notch technical consultant.

Joe is known by his reputation for excellent skills within the PeopleSoft consulting world. He has helped train many consultants and developers in his 6 years teaching them the skills that he has developed.

Book Description
The Cheat Sheet is printed on 8" X 11.5" 110lb paper (Cover Stock) and then laminated in clear 3 mil plastic so that these will last for years of use and be protected from coffee spills.

The front page covers various element such as Meta-HTML and advanced system variables. Also included is information on the use of the Java Class from creating, calling and using a java method including using arrays.

This front page also contains information on the HTML area page object as well as some of the requirements for the iScript use. The lower half of this page also lists all of the functions for the iScript class.

The back page starts by showing the process flow for an iScript being processed by the PeopleSoft system. A breakdown of an iScript URL is also shown so that you can understand and learn the various parts.

Also included are the methods and properties for the iScript Response and Request classes. This back page also includes the functions, methods and properties for the Session. The PSMessages and PSMessages Collection class are listed here as well along with the Regional Setting class. Finally a code sample is shown in how the session class is used to see if an error has occured or not in an iScript.

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