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The Internet Webmaster Logbook

   by Seamus Phan

    McGallen & Bolden Group
    01 August, 1999


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Seamus Phan, board member and Chief Information Officer of McGallen & Bolden Group, is a field-proven speaker and motivator with over 14 years of professional and training experience. Seamus is a published author, a frequent contributing editor to many business and technology publications, and a frequent TV analyst. Seamus is a pioneer digital media and Internet consultant, and have independently developed networked learning systems in the 1980s.

Seamus holds advanced degrees in IT and Business Re-engineering, Education and MIS. He has been inducted into the Marquis (USA)'s Who's Who in the World, International Biography Centre (UK)'s Men and Women of Distinction, and the Barons' 500 Leaders of the New Century Edition.

Excerpted from The Internet Webmaster Logbook by Seamus Phan. Copyright © 1999. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved
Asia has progressively embraced the use of information technology (IT) and the Internet, although the use has been in areas such as financial accounting, sales automation, office productivity, and dial-up e-mail. Also, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Asia have limited IT budget and limited inhouse IT expertise, which makes it difficult for SMEs to truly harness the power of IT. Through this publication, SMEs will benefit from a succinct online guide (deliverable through public web sites or through their own intranet), that documents how to set up a web site for human resource development and management (HRD and HRM). I will outline basic definitions, technologies, and business benefits in this publication.

The three key areas covered here include:

a. Explain succinctly business benefits, issues and solutions in setting up a HR intranet.
b. Provide an overview to designing and implementing a HR intranet.
c. Provide a sample template for the experimental HR intranet.

This publication will be based on and as a result of:

a. Literature review of industry publications, reference books, and public web sites.
b. E-mail survey, quantifying the viability of Web-Based Training (WBT) in Singapore and Asia.
c. Learning intranet model implementation, which documents and demonstrates the design and implementation of this intranet with publicly available commercial toolsets and hardware.

This publication will consist of the electronic guide and sample HR web site.

warmest regards,
Seamus Phan

Book Description
Asia's leading Internet advocate and technology evangelist, Seamus Phan, takes an in-depth look at how he helped to set up various Internet and Intranet web sites and servers in Asia for Human Resource Management and Development (HRM/HRD). And if you are a training or performance engineering manager, this guide will open a whole new world of Web-Based Training (WBT) without burning a deep hole in your budget. Already, WBT development costs are a small fraction of traditional CBT, and still pack the same delivery effectiveness.

Reader review(s):

A thin easy-to-read e-book with goodies, March 10, 2000
My colleague Seamus has taken his post-graduate work and put it into good commercial use. However, his approach is certainly not simply academic, but has far-reaching commercial appeal. In his e-book, he showed HR practitioners how to set up a learning intranet using simple tools, and even included his own commercial product (a HR template) and JAEM� Java applet to construct navigation menus as well. Truly good value, and easy to read.

Book authors should move in this direction!, April 4, 2000
In this Internet age, everyday moves so fast by, and information packs us in. Some authors seem to love to write thousands of pages of buffered stuff, but this author seems to understand that modern readers have no time to waste. What's more, the book contains the templates necessary to construct the HR intranet rightaway, and even throw in a nice navigation Java applet for effect.

Wonderful, short and sharp!, April 4, 2000
I've read just about most of the current and older Internet "volumes" out there, with hundreds of pages of text, and often obscured by content that should simply have been included on CD-ROMs as appendices. This e-book seems to do away with all that, and presents just succinct information, and then includes the template to get the HR intranet done quickly. The Java applet is a nice touch as an addition to construct navigational menus.

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