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The Foundations of Personalization

   by Yankee Group

    --publisher not specified--
    01 December, 1999


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Among the buzzwords that have come to characterize the Internet business revolution, none has captured the spirit of possibility more than "personalization." Online retailers, content aggregators, and Internet software vendors alike have adopted personalization as a key part of their value proposition. By bending the concept to meet their distinct requirements, personalization's proponents are in many ways responsible for the cloud of misunderstanding that surrounds the concept. But in the end, each interpretation shares the central theme: online organizations must be able to replicate the intimate and individualized experience that customers have shown they value in the offline world. Despite the fact that so many e-businesses have identified personalization as critical in retaining and expanding relationships with customers, well-articulated definitions of the concept have been in short supply. Acknowledging personalization's foundations in the offline disciplines of database marketing, artificial intelligence, and mass customization reveals much about the processes that are fundamental in its execution. By developing the capabilities of Profiling, Inference, and Delivery, organizations can begin to leverage personalization in their quest for new ways of interacting and relating with customers.

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