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Internet Banking: Shaping the Future of Brazilian Financial Services

   by Yankee Group

    --publisher not specified--
    01 October, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Brazilian financial institutions are investing heavily in Internet banking services. Banco Central do Brasil (Central Bank of Brazil) estimates that up to now each of the largest Brazilian banks has spent on average R$63 million ($35 million). Banco Central expects that an average of R$23 million ($12.8 million) will be spent per bank in 2000 alone. The majority of the large and upscale Brazilian banks continue to be the top players in the online world, as shown in Exhibit 1. It is clear that Brazilian banks are committed to use online banking as part of their overall strategies. They have generally seen the Internet as a tool to establish closer contact with clients, as a new distribution channel to provide 24-hour banking access, and as a way to differentiate their services and reduce transaction costs. Still, the Yankee Group believes that to really benefit from online banking products, their clients' adoption of more sophisticated online services must increase, and banks must start prioritizing offerings that are strategic to their business. In this Report, we look at the latest developments in the online banking market. We look at Internet banking adoption, services most used by consumers, and the challenges banks now face as they reevaluate their online strategies and partnerships in this segment. (Note: All monetary figures in this Report are expressed in Reals and U.S. dollars.)

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