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Internet Commerce Management (iCM): An E-Business Primer

   by Yankee Group

    --publisher not specified--
    01 September, 1999


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
This report provides a model-Internet Commerce Management (iCM), against which the internal objectives, options for building or buying i-commerce capabilities and products available in the software and services marketplace can be evaluated. With the iCM model as leverage, the e-business manager can make more informed decisions in the planning and deployment of their e-business infrastructure. The Yankee Group believes that these e-business managers have lacked the effective models required to plan and sustain their i-commerce initiatives. As a result, these key decision makers often pursue costly technology development projects without clearly articulated objectives and consideration for the long-term viability of their e-business. In today's rush to establish e-business presence, many companies are finding themselves overwhelmed by the challenges of planning and implementing commerce on the Internet. Until recently, the majority of established Web-commerce sites were required to create from scratch-and at significant cost-the technologies to support their online objectives. Yet today software vendors have emerged with a host of options that can and must be considered when planning these initiatives. With "i-commerce" implementation at the top of the business agenda, weary e-business managers must quickly understand, compare and select from a rapidly expanding menu of technology choices to simply participate in the globally competitive electronic marketplace.

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