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Internet Content: Not Just for the PC

   by Yankee Group

    --publisher not specified--
    01 April, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
As consumers increasingly rely on the Web to communicate and receive information, the demand to conduct these activities from multiple access points similarly increases. While the PC remains the primary device consumers use to access the Internet today, the Yankee Group believes they will increasingly demand Web access through smaller devices that untether them from the PC. To accommodate this need, online content providers are quickly striking deals with alternate device manufacturers, wireless carriers and content delivery enablers to push content out to new devices. To compete successfully in the alternate access market, Web portals must understand the wireless carrier business model, redefine online customer ownership and revenue structures and determine the critical content and applications to which consumers attribute a high value. By leveraging these new access channels, major portals and content providers hope to increase time spent at their sites and bind consumers to their services. This report profiles a number of top portals, e-commerce and content providers aggressively advancing into the net device market; potential new revenue models; and the challenges content providers should anticipate when entering this market.

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