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Loading, Please Wait…The crisis (and cost) of overweight Web sites — and how to cut the fat from your site.

   by Byte Level Research

    01 May, 2001


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Book Description
$25 billion is lost each year due to slow-loading Web sites In May 2001, Zona Research released its latest findings on the impact of slow-loading Web sites on customer bailout and lost revenues. The report, "Need for Speed II," estimates that up to $25 billion a year is lost due to poor Web site performance. The most common (and most overloooked) reason why Web sites perform poorly is the easiest one to avoid: an overweight Web site. Most Web sites are overweight Based on our analysis of more than 300 Web sites across a wide range of industries, the majority of sites use either too many graphics or too much scripting, resulting in sites that are so heavy that they risk losing customers and market share. Why should an executive worry about Web site weight? The best-designed Web site is worthless if users don't have the patience to wait for it to load or if the competition offers a site that loads more quickly. Although weight may seem like a trivial detail, companies that ignore it often pay for this oversight later in costly redesigns and lost sales. In addition, companies that effectively manage the weights of their sites find that they not only better serve customers but save money on bandwidth fees and on vendors known as "content accelerators." A lightweight site saves your customers time and your company money Bandwidth costs money, and lightweight sites require less bandwidth than heavy sites. They also require fewer servers and processors. For a company that gets monthly hit totals in the millions, the savings a lightweight site provides can be significant. The first of its kind, this report will show you how your site measures up against other major sites and will provide important strategies for creating a site that's not only faster than the competition but fast, period.

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