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Voice Portals: European Wireless Carriers Poised to Dominate the Mass-Market

   by Yankee Group

    01 May, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Voice portals (VPs) have been described by over-enthusiastic marketing executives as voice access to the Internet. Although we would dispute the statement that VPs will ever be used for Internet browsing, we would certainly agree that they signify a convergence between specific Internet content and traditional communication methods which will extend content availability and access considerably. Consequently, we believe there is large revenue potential for certain players, wireless operators in particular, and important strategic advantages in implementing a VP strategy. Ultimately, we view it as an inevitable step that all wireless carriers will take to complete their multi-access portal strategies. However, only those wireless players that move fast will reap the largest benefits. Laggers may find it difficult to attract customers away from the many competitors' sticky content offerings. In the short term, independent VPs, Internet portals, and fixed and wireless service providers will all jostle for access to the end user. However, in the mid- to long term, non-wireless players will realize the limited opportunities that exist for them in targeting the mass-market through VPs, and will shift their emphasis to channel partnership strategies and targeting high-value niche segments. Exhibit 1 illustrates how the different players fit into the VP value chain in the enterprise and consumer markets.

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