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Location-Based Services: Positioning the Mobile Internet for Success in Europe?

   by Yankee Group

    01 April, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
The Yankee Group believes that location-based services (LBS) have a significant role to play in the development of the mobile Internet. Many of the data services that currently exist will be greatly enhanced by the ability to profile users not only on certain predefined characteristics but on real-time or near-real-time determination of their location as well. New services that rely wholly upon positioning will also see rapid deployment by European carriers. Despite this upbeat assessment, the Yankee Group has retained a conservative and, we believe, realistic view of the contribution that location-based services will make to operator revenue. Exhibit 1 illustrates our evaluation of the extent of LBS contribution to mobile data traffic revenues. By 2005, the Yankee Group believes that location-based services will generate $6.37 billion in mobile operator traffic revenues across western Europe. Location-enabled directories, listings, and push messages will achieve widest success, accounting for 31%, 15%, and 15%, respectively. Furthermore, we believe that location services will be a key driver for offline commerce and voice traffic, stimulating subscribers to use their phones to make calls and to purchase goods in a traditional fashion. However, the path to location-based riches is strewn with bear traps to catch the unwary.

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