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A Look at the Streaming Media Value Chain

   by Yankee Group

    12 May, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Undoubtedly, the Internet has transformed into a more dynamic and interactive environment where content is no longer characterized purely by static text and graphics. The use of multimedia content—such as audio, video, and animation—is exploding on the Internet as it is increasingly employed as a vehicle to sell products and services as well as inform and educate users. Rich media applications are problematic for users to download, due to the large file sizes. Streaming, whereby content is fed to the user as it is viewed, has become established as a viable delivery channel for these complex applications. Streaming media saves the user from significant delays since the entire file does not need to be downloaded prior to listening or watching. However, streaming files are highly sensitive to quality degradation due to packet loss, latency, and network congestion; and they effectively require a robust network infrastructure. Quality streaming relies on broadband for delivery, and although high-speed access is not yet widely available and affordable, vigorous investments are being made to build out network bandwidth. The penetration of high-speed access, coupled with the development of innovative, compelling applications—particularly in the enterprise arena—is driving streaming media consumption today. Although the streaming media industry is still a nascent market, it is currently gaining traction. As the burgeoning industry begins to shift from niche to mass market, a potentially large market opportunity is emerging for those companies in the streaming media value chain that provide tools, services, and infrastructure for the creation, management, storage, distribution, and delivery of digital media. This Report sheds light on the aforementioned market segments that are currently laying the foundation for the potential widespread adoption of streaming media.

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