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The Internet Commerce Briefing: Three Volume Set

   by Intermarket Group

    01 December, 2001


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The Internet Commerce Briefing provides a comprehensive picture of the U.S. Internet economy, aggregating data and forecasts from dozens of leading analysts, market researchers, and technology consulting organizations. Now in its third edition, the report pulls together almost 400 charts and tables covering many aspects of Internet use, the Internet population, and consumer e-commerce, and presents them in a single, well organized reference. It will save a tremendous amount of time in locating answers to questions such as: Who uses the Internet and how much do they use it? What do Internet users do online and how much do they use technologies such as Instant Messaging, downloading applications, and streaming media? How many individuals have broadband Internet access and how do they differ from dial-up users? How much is being sold online and what are the fastest growing areas of business-to-consumer e-commerce? How many people are shopping online, why do they buy, and how much are the spending? What types of advertising are most effective for branding and for customer acquisition? What are the biggest barriers to selling online and what are consumers' concerns about purchasing online? What are the leading e-commerce sites and online brands? How do Internet users feel about online privacy and what are their biggest security-related concerns? The ‘Briefing’ is published in three volumes, including: The Internet Population & Online Activities Report, which provides 149 charts and tables covering the number and demographics of Internet users in the US; broadband take-up and activities; online interests of teens, seniors, and minority groups; use of Instant Messaging, streaming media, and downloading or file sharing technologies; and much more. The Business-to-Consumer E-commerce Report provides 149 charts and tables covering the number and demographics of online buyers in the US; consumer interests and concerns related to shopping and purchasing online; the size and composition of online retailing in the US; a detailed look at the increasingly important role of the fourth-quarter/holiday shopping season in e-commerce; and much more. And, The Online Advertising and Digital Marketing Report, which provides 94 charts and tables covering the size, composition, and prospects of the online advertising market; how companies are using online advertising and what works or doesn't work; the leading online brands and advertisers; Internet users' practices and attitudes related to online advertising and marketing; and much more.

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