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Internet Address Book - Professional Version

   by James Russell

    James Russell
    --publication date not specified--


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
An important book every computer owner should have. Imagine your computer failed today. Will you have access to your important files? This book will save all of your Internet contacts, bookmarks, passwords, user names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, ID numbers, and even all of your unique customized software configurations and preferences! The computer data backup file section allows you to recover from a CMOS and BIOS chip failure, motherboard battery failure, virus intrusion altering your computer's setup structure or just someone making a mistake and altering critical files. You will find the Internet Address Book a valuable tool to find your favorite Web sites without memorizing passwords, etc. You will find it easy to manage Internet links and contacts. Two books in one! Pays for itself many times over. Avoid the risk of frustration and data loss. Even if your computer is stolen your files are secure! This is the book to have when you are surfing the Internet. Once you try this book you will discover how valuable it truly is; 118 pages, 8x11 size format. --This text refers to the

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