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U.S. Web Hosting Services: A

   by IDC / Melanie Posey

    IDC Research
    10 May, 2004


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This IDC study presents the results of the Web Hosting/Datacenter Networks Survey, conducted in May 2002, segmented by vertical markets. This study examines the U.S. market for Web hosting services from a demand-side perspective, focusing on the Web hosting strategies of large and medium-sized U.S. businesses. The following questions are addressed: y Which vertical markets are the most attractive prospects for service providers? y How do businesses differ in their use of external Web hosting service providers by industry? y Does corporate use of various Web site functions or applications vary by vertical market? y What correlations exist between industry sector and the factors that influence or inhibit the use of third-party hosting providers? Melanie Posey, program manager, Web Hosting Services says, "Organizations in the retail/wholesale, manufacturing, and local government sectors are currently the most likely to outsource the hosting of their Web sites to third-party providers, while those in the federal government, education, and banking/finance sectors are considerably more likely to manage their Web sites in-house. However, Web hosting service providers risk the least amount of customer defection from companies in the manufacturing sector, but must act quickly to address current customers' concerns and take steps to make third-party Web hosting more attractive to in-house hosters."

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