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The Internet and the Patient-Physician Relationship: Part 1: The Patient's Perspective

   by Datamonitor

    18 September, 2002


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Introduction: This Brief examines how the Internet has and will affect the patient-physician interaction. Patients have the potential ability to influence physician prescribing decisions by presenting product-specific information they find online. Given the increasing challenge of marketing to physicians, providing online resources for consumers is an effective way to indirectly reach physicians with product information. Scope of the Report: * Survey of 4,531 adult consumers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US * Coverage: US, Europe. Report Highlights: Datamonitor's consumer survey found that 28 percent of US consumers who look for health-related information asked their physician about a specific medication because of something they read on the Internet. An average of 21 percent of consumers looking for health information in the European countries surveyed also asked about a specific medication because of content read online. Datamonitor forecasts that the pharmaceutical industry will increase its investment in online initiatives to provide consumers with disease and product information that they can present to their physician. The use of consumers as an indirect marketing channel to physicians will become increasingly important as it is more and more challenging to reach physicians directly. Mobile technology, such as mobile phones and handheld computers, will serve to greatly expand the accessibility of online information, particularly at the point-of-care. Datamonitor's consumer survey determined that consumers who look for health information use Internet-enabled mobile technology for accessing healthcare information. Key Reasons to Buy this Report: * Understand the dynamics of the evolving patient-physician relationship and how the Internet may be used to foster this interaction * Identify the resources consumers who look for health information are using and the reasons why they are not using the Internet as a resource * Target consumers successfully by offering an online resource with features that meet their requirements and marketing it appropriately * Plan your future strategies based on suggestions on how to optimize the reach and effectiveness of online resources for patients

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