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Voice portals and applications: an industry that refuses to be silenced.

   by Datamonitor

    16 October, 2002


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Book Description
Introduction: The supply-side market for voice business technologies and services is expected to grow to $4.33 billion by 2007, representing a CAGR of 38% from 2001. There has been an eighteen-month delay in the market, primarily due to prevailing economic conditions. This has forced vendors to transform "cool technology" into business solutions, which has created a number of new revenue opportunities for voice technology vendors and has attracted several new entrants. Scope: * Data & detailed analysis of six market segments: Service Provider, Telematics & Web Portal. Enterprise Business-to-Business B2B, B2C & B2E * BPA, call center automation, Communications, Directory, Information, Interactive entertainment, Productivity, Transactions, and Voice authentication * In depth analysis of seventeen vertical markets and five, standards-uptake scenarios. Report Highlights: Datamonitor expects the voice business market to return to positive growth during the second half of 2002 and grow quickly through 2007, at which time the market will be worth $4.33 billion. Market segments: since ROIs are the primary selling point for voice applications during 2002, B2C enterprise voice portals have the greatest current potential by providing quantifiable cost savings. Application categories & vertical markets: call center automation, which represents 44% of supply-side revenues, is the largest market for voice vendors. Retail Banking and Investments & Securities are introducing speech technology to the masses, and will remain the largest markets for voice services through 2007. Reasons to Purchase: * Provides vendors with an up-to-date assessment of this evolving market * Assesses the most effective go-to-market strategies to pursue for different application categories and vertical markets * Determine customer attitudes and needs * Determine the necessary functionality to satisfy changing market demands

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