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Getting The Search Engine Ranking Your Website Deserves: : META Tags Yield To Google's PageRank As Search Engine Standard

   by John Henderson

    Transformata Publishing LLC
    17 March, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
In the battle for optimum positioning on the Internet, webmasters are vying for the topmost rankings of their websites by major search engines. The reward for reaching these lofty pinnacles of visibility is increased traffic and improved 'bottom line'; results for site owners. Master Web strategist, John Henderson of I-Net Marketing discusses what';s 'hot'; and what';s not in design techniques for improving search engine ranking. He shares 14 'tips'; that can raise your site';s ranking on the Internet. Filled with valuable references, diagrams and Internet links, this eZwork™ will serve as an excellent guide for competing on the Net.

Transformata Publishing is proud to present another Transformata eZwork™ featuring prominent thinkers on a wide range of subjects for Building Better Worlds of Work™.

Reader review(s):

Watch out for dated information..., November 25, 2003
I'll laud the author for putting dates on his link references in the back of the ebook, but he really should use the "standards" for webpage references (yes, there is a standard!) The dates give me an idea when the information is culled. In this case, the information was culled from fall of 2002, and apparently included his attendance at a Search Engine Strategies conference.

I think for $7, if you are going no further, this ebook can provide you with some important and valuable information. Yes, you could find it on the web--but how much is your time worth? He gives some suggestions as to what to do and what not to do--and, by and large, those are good suggestions. As for length, a small business owner really doesn't want to or need to, wade through tons of information.

However, as his history of meta keywords indicates, the web changes fast. This ebook is now a year old. I did a project for my online internet fundamentals class (at Foothill on increasing page ranking. (Wanna copy--email me at zapseo on yahoo.) 6 months ago, and I consider some of the information in that out-of-date--for instance, emphasis on Google, which, at the time, was responsible for 80% of web searches. However, things have changed. If my report of 6 mos ago is out of date, what about one written 12 mos ago?

You do have to watch out, because as the book implicitly indicates, what is today's method for achieving search engine ranking could get you banned tomorrow (yes, some search engines will not index some sites because of "spamdexing").

I'd have to go back and look, but I disagree with him on one important point: you cannot raise your google pagerank by internal linking. This was not what the results of my research showed.

I'm divided (as you can see by my rating) about this book. Good information...for now. But to keep up with the very dynamic world of web searching, the reader should not get comfortable. To get and maintain a decent search engine ranking takes ongoing work, and keeping up with changes in the web. Web ranking can change, dramatically, overnight (do a search on "google dance"). You are better off, imo, with having an ongoing relationship with a web professional (it will be worth it), just like you have one with your tax person. Let them keep up with the changes, and you, the small business owner, do what you are good at.

Don't waste your money, March 26, 2004
I totally agree with the other reviewer who advised not buying this document. First, it's only a few pages long, and certainly not worth paying money for. Second, the information is not anything special - it can be found on the web, where it belongs. It's merely a short article, and the first thing I've ever bought from Amazon that hasn't been worth the money. I am disappointed that Amazon would even decide to put such a short and 'thin' document on their website and sell it as a book. Can I get a refund?!

Finally, A Technical Work That Uses PlainSpeak, June 30, 2003
This work really makes sense. At long last someone has put it all together in a way that even I can understand. "Goodbye" to empty promises of improving my website ranking. "So long" to the meta tag mavens who want to increase my traffic -- but not my SALES. When it comes to understanding what it takes, Henderson appears to be telling it like it is. I especially like his use of diagrams and illustrations to demonstrate the logic of website navigation and its effect on ranking by the major search engines, especially Google. And while there's no magic 'cookie' or 'meta tag' to make it happen, at least I know what "I" have to do to put PageRank to work for me. Thank you, John Henderson.

Better info on PR is available for free don't waste your $$$, August 25, 2003
This ebook is thin on useful info. You can find better info for free on the web. Don't buy this ebook.

Excellent!, May 23, 2003
My brother and I...both found this e-doc to be extremely valuable. You can spend [money] on books to help the search engines find your website, but read this short article and see if you don't agree that it performs a fantastic public service in summarizing the essence of what must be done to build your website traffic. Great job!

Mr. Henderson "Gets It.", April 24, 2003
Search engine ranking is about content not keyword META tags. Search engine ranking is about ranking pages not ranking sites.
John Henderson's e-doc explains how the Google Search Engine has changed the way rankings happen. Looking at the overall thought process of his e-doc and the technical side, this article explains what I need to watch as I redesign my site. He explains how Google's PageRank system produces search engine results based on page content and offers solid information for improving your postioning within that system. Since Google is the #1 engine and now provides results for Yahoo searches, everyone will benefit from Henderson's e-doc.

A worthless collection of cliches??, August 24, 2003
Not only can this information be found easily on the web and I have the strong impression that this (19 pages, with large letters) collection is not original at all. There are many much better books out there, like Google Hacks which offer real contents for your money.
The website of this author has a very low ranking in Google itself and an email to the author, asking why, went unanswered....

eMarketing Alliance Highly Recommends Henderson's eBook, May 21, 2003
I have been teaching and writing about eMarketing since 1995. I highly recommend this book. Mr. Henderson takes a complicated subject and breaks it down into an easy to understand format. He does a good job of explaining the history of search engine techniques. He covers specific strategies used over the years including hidden text, META tags, links, and gateway pages. He explains how you can actually be penalized for using these techniques and how to avoid these pitfalls. Most importantly, he shows how to use Google's PageRank to let your potential customers find you.

This is not a theoretical book. Mr. Henderson gives specific tips that can be easily implemented by any business.

Every small business owner should buy this book!

Don Fowler
President & CEO
eMarketing Alliance, Inc.

Very Helpful e-doc, June 27, 2003
The concept of the author's article is excellent. I have discussed the idea of "page ranking" versus "site ranking" with fellow memebers at work and the process is right. There appears to be no way to trick or fool search engines. You can buy pay-per-click ranking (That's expensive.) or work to make your pages worth something to the search engines. I'd advise every webmaster to re-set their thinking. Concentrate on page ranking!

DO NOT get this article!!, June 16, 2003
I have read many FREE articles on search engine optimization. There was nothing new here. I'll give him some credit how he describes linking within your site...but you should buy Google Hack. It's only $ more. This 14 page, big font article is NOT worth $. I want my money back. This is the first time I have ever written a review...because I was dissapointed. Buy Google Hack.

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