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The Internet : Shaping the Global Information Infrastructure

   by Technology Research News

    Technology Research News
    January, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

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This TRN story bundle gives you an overview of today's Internet research, and in-depth explanations of important advances.

Internet research focuses on improving the software that makes up the Web experience and the code that coordinates computers, connections and information access. Cross-disciplinary research spearheaded by physicists is yielding ways to measure the shape, size and behavior of the Internet.

The Internet bundle includes a brief tour of recent developments that makes connections among key issues. It also includes the text of 21 in-depth TRN stories about key the Internet research projects.

The bundle is organized into three major categories: Web tools, infrastructure and structure. Story subjects include tapping 'Net resources for computer-intense tasks like drug design, comparing Internet traffic to earthquakes and a method for hiding Web access.

Technology Research News is an independent publisher and news service dedicated to covering technology research developments in university, corporate and government labs.

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