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Internet Service Providers in Australia

   by IBISWorld

    30 January, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
This class consists of units mainly engaged in the provision of Internet services to businesses and households. The Industry J7124 - Internet Service Providers in Australia ranks 227 out of 496 by industry turnover and its life cycle is in a mature phase, which means that the industry is generally growing at at the same rate as the economy. Capital/labour intensity is medium and the uptake of new technology is high. The industry's globalisation level is high and the trend is increasing. The industry has a low level of exports, which means exports generate less than 5% of the industry's turnover. The industry has a low level of imports, which means imports generate less than 5% of the industry's domestic demand. The trend for exports is increasing and for imports it's increasing. The level of regulation is heavy and increasing and government assistance is low and increasing. This industry is forecast to have a very strong average annualised growth rate over the next five years. A full analysis of each of the above conditions and more is available in every IBISWorld industry report!

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