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Internet Platinum

   by George J. Sierchio

    GSI Holdings, Inc.
    --publication date not specified--


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Internet Platinum is named as such because it's worth more than Gold to your Offline Company. It gives you simple, very spelled out ways to skyrocket your marketing efforts using the Internet... and it's all laid out in a specific connect-the-dots order. This time saving e-book includes: TEMPLATES & TIPS for planning out your Online Marketing Campaign KEY POINTS & DEFINITIONS important to a solid Internet Campaign STEP BY STEP METHODS proven to set you up for success in achieving your sales and marketing goals TONS OF TOOLS AND RESOURCES that would take you weeks of research to find and will allow you to see immediate results instead of months of "hit or miss" trying PROVEN TECHNIQUES & METHODS that will work for any type of Offline Business advertising on the Internet... and laid out in a specific best-case order ADDITIONAL RESOURCES to make the most of your Advertising Dollars including additional examples of advertising techniques and examples of using proven Online Methods in combination with Offline Techniques to really get the most bang out of your buck (and time) INCREDIBLE FREE BONUSES normally worth over $500 that you can actually use (keep reading to find out more...) All for a fraction of the time and money spent on traditional marketing!

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