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Internet Cafés - UK

   by Mintel International Group Ltd.

    01 November, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
This report analyses trends in the UK market for Internet cafés and is a follow up to Mintel's first report in November 2001. It contains exclusive consumer research into usage levels for Internet cafés and looks at the most crucial factors that are currently affecting the industry. The Internet café market has experienced a number of changes since 2001. Internet penetration has increased dramatically, to 51% as of July 2003, while 47% of the population has access at home. Internet access is increasingly being seen as a low-cost product and this has affected the Internet café, with many businesses struggling to remain profitable. The industry has responded through diversification and segmentation, as individual operators have sought to differentiate themselves in an intensely competitive environment. Internet cafés are increasingly concentrating on other areas of business; in particular training, PC and online gaming and business services such as web design. In addition, Internet access is becoming available at a much wider range of locations, including petrol stations, hotels, pubs and other retail locations. The Internet café is therefore beginning to lose its once unique role in an increasingly competitive environment and it must adapt accordingly if it is to survive.

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