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Living on the Web

   by Jessica Keyes

    New Art Press
    --publication date not specified--


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Editorial description(s):

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We've been so caught up in the continuing saga of the fresh-faced dot-com millionaire and the resulting - and inevitable - dot-com implosion that we've lost sight of the fact that the Internet is changing our lives in subtle ways. I don't mean that we can now shop on the Web. We've been shopping with catalogs for decades and it's not a revolution in the making to switch from paper to bytes. No, what I mean is that the things that we take for granted - the everyday routines of life - are starting to change. In good and not so good ways. Are you prepared? To worship on the Web. Vote on the Web. Even have sex on the Web. Maybe! Everyone has opinions about where the "new" technologies are taking us. From Danni Ashe, the first lady of Internet porn, to Louise Kohl Leahy, a former New Yorker, who has taken her computer to the outbacks of Texas to make a living. Everyone has either affected or is affected by the Web. Living on the Web is a story of all of these worlds - through the eyes of people just like you. It's not really a story about the Internet - but one about how the Internet affects all of us.

Reader review(s):

Great insight into just who uses the web, February 20, 2004
Living on the web provides an interesting philosophical, historical and sociological view of this integral part of our lives. Often humorous and always interesting, I'd really recommend this book.

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