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eBay Secrets : How to create Internet auction listings that make 30% more money while selling every item you list

   by Steven Ellis White / Bryon Krug

    01 July, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Do you want to make more money on eBay (or any other Internet auction site)? Or, are you looking for an easy second income?

Thousands of new users are joining eBay every day. You can take advantage of this trend and make a lot of money. But before you get started, there are some things you need to know.

eBay Secrets will walk you though the steps to getting your Internet auction business rolling. It is packed full of tips and secrets that will help you get more money for your auction listings.

eBay Secrets is based on the techniques that Steve White has been teaching students in his exclusive seminars on making money on eBay. Never before have all of Mr. White';s powerful money-making secrets been available in book format.

Here are just a few of the topics that are covered in the book:
· The two most important secrets to making money on eBay.
· 14 places to find cheap things to sell
· 15 techniques to increase the number of bids you get
· Three things you should NEVER do in an eBay listing
· Ten tricks that will make your listings much more effective
· The best starting bid for your items
· Why your title is critical
· A three-step process to find the perfect title
· Four words to include in your titles to get even more money for your items
· The best time to list your items
· Why you should never use a reserve
· The one thing that you should never mention in the description
· Which listing options are worth the extra cost
· How to avoid paying to have pictures in your listings
· The only eight things that you need to get started making money on eBay
· Seven ways you can get started with no money
· Why user feedback is misleading
· How to write a description that gets more bids
· Everything you need to know about writing HTML in your listings
· What to charge for shipping
· A printable checklist so you never forget any steps when creating listings
· Four email templates for common situations
· What to do if someone doesn';t pay
· Examples of the best and worst auctions
· And much, much more...

Reader review(s):

A Must-Read for Anyone Selling on eBay!!!, May 6, 2004
I was a little bit skeptical of this book at first since it seems like there are so many "get rich quick" schemes out there that are hoaxes. But a friend recommended this book to me when I mentioned that I was doing some spring cleaning and wanted to try selling some of my stuff on eBay. Honestly, the techniques in eBay Secrets are awesome. This book doesn't make radical promises. What it does is help you create the best auctions possible to maximize bids, and consequently, the amount people are paying for your stuff. White's methods are really easy to use, and best of all, they work. I got twice as much from my items as I'd hoped, and several of my old handbags that I had up for auction sold for MORE than I originally paid for them! All of my items sold for way more than comparable items that were listed, too. Basically, the way I see it, you are throwing money away if you are selling things on eBay and you don't buy this book because you will get so much more from your auctions if you use the strategies from eBay Secrets.

Already made my money back with this book!, April 26, 2004
I consider myself a casual ebay user doing auction sales as a hobby instead of trying to make money. Even so, who wouldn't want to bring in more money? After I bought and read this book, I applied the tips that the author described and was amazed at the noticeable difference in how my auctions attracted attention. The auction page hits easily doubled if not tripled what I was getting compared to my experience prior to reading this book.

This book is written in a very easy to read style and although the first-time reader may be tempted to jump to the end to start using the tips, I encourage that reader to start from the beginning and read straight through to the end. Even for the more experienced ebay seller, this book does have enough tips to make it worth your while. I keep my copy close at hand to as I create new auctions so I don't miss out on any of the tips!

The author encourages readers to email with questions. I have emailed the author on occasion with questions and have received prompt and helpful responses.

Definitely a great book and a super author!

Great ideas for Ebay...maybe 6 years ago, August 28, 2004
Lets face it, Eaby is no longer an online auction house, its more like an online flea market. Most buyers dont care about pretty looking auctions with fancy pictures, they want rock bottom prices. Buyers want retail items 30%-60% below retail price regardless how fancy or clean your auction is. Sure you might get lucky with a new "ebayer" but they are too few and too far in between. Selling used stuff is great if you hang out at yard sales all day and buy peoples junk for a dollar. If you are a yard sale junkie, chances are the junk you do buy and resell on Ebay will get you a few dollars(pennies) more then you paid if it sells at all.

This book does have some good ideas about ebay but i think it is not giving enuff credit to Ebay buyers. Most are smart shoppers who are looking for a steal and wont be suckered into high shipping costs and pretty pictures of items they can get cheaper elsewhere. Think of it, why give $50.00 to a complete stranger who may or may not send you the item you paid for, when you can just spend afew dollars more for the same item at a well known and trusted Retail .Com? Ebay buyers are not as dumb as this book makes them look.

Then there is always the other sellers on Ebay who sell items 50% below retail with little to no shipping fees (dont ask me how they do it). Even if you list the same item like the book tells you too, something tells me most ebayers are gonna buy from him way before they buy from you with your 9.00 shipping fee. Even if you start your item at $1.00, it will sell lower then what you wanted to sell it for plus the final price will be $9.00 less since most ebayers will subtract high shipping costs from their bid amounts.

The best way to look at this book is, sellers might have this book, but buyers have a few books they read also.

Veteran Ebayer of 6 years finds the book to be 100% correct, November 12, 2004
You can go on Ebay and check the theories of this book before you start selling and prove them correct. I see it every day with my auctions and auctions I am watching. Just yesterday 11/11/04, I watched a rare 1 day auction start at $1 (no Reserve or Buy It Now) and because of the photos and a brief, "to the point" description, the slightly used item sold higher than brand new items with Buy It Now. It is fascinating to watch 29 bids go for a used item and seeing it sell for more than a retailer. I am a veteran Ebayer of 6 years and was about 90% of the way there on this theory, but this book pushed me over the edge. So, if you want to save some time after you have learned the basics of Ebay, buy this book. Almost, all other reviews have given it 5 stars. The ones that did not have no idea what they are talking about. One 3 star review says it is a "get rich scheme" like, I guess, something you see on late night TV. It is not, you have to do research on an item, take excellent photos, and write an excellent description etc. Another reviewer wrote, use a Reserve, that gets expensive and you do not need a Reserve. You are telling the customer that the item is only worth a certain amount when you use a Reserve or Buy It Now. You can get much more for the item. Never tell someone what something is worth, let the auction decide the items worth. Good Old Fashioned Capitalism, let the market decide! If the item does not sell correctly you did something wrong or that is actually what the item is worth and you did not do the research. A one star reviewer wrote the author did not respond, I got a detailed e-mail from one of the authors, Byron Krug, the next day. I have read many books and like to get to the "meat" of the book so I skip around. This book is all "meat" so read it several times. It is less than $10 and you can download it from Amazon right now. On the flip side, I see almost everyone else gave it five stars including the #4 Reviewer on Amazon. So, get a camera, set up a small photo studio, study other Ebay auctions (research), head out for Estate sales, yard sales, sell items in your home, buy in lots on Ebay and from retailers getting rid of stock etc. etc. I do not like thick socks but for some reason I have "collected" many sets of them. I got all 40 pair and sold them on Ebay for $30 plus shipping and handling. I even use this theory on rare items. I had a rare comic (my specialty) I bought for $1800, started the auction at $1 and sold it to a gentleman in Sweden for $3800. You might make mistakes in the beginning but remember you have something wrong 99% of the time. Do not blame the book? Just go back and read it again! When you see an item with alot of bids and identical items are not getting bids, take a look at the auctions and see why. The item that is selling started there auction out with a low starting bid using the Bid Multiplier Theory. I know many Ebayers across this country and in many other countries, they agree this is the way to go. Do Sotheby's and Christy's of New York start out auctions with what they want from the auction? No, they begin with a lower starting bid. It is like fishing you have to get the right bait out there before you can get the hook in the bidders. They become attached to the item and will not let it go. If you are a collector or have trouble letting items go, become an expert on items you do not like and start selling them. My ex took off with all the Christmas ornaments 2 years ago. I like a big tree with alot of ornaments but I do not collect them. I started buying new Hallmark ornaments in large lots back in February for an average of $2 per ornament, right now I am selling them on Ebay for Christmas with a starting bid of 1 cent. I was so upset that I had lost all my ornaments it gave me the idea to buy large lots on Ebay off season. I will sell these at a profit and if I have any left over they will go on my tree until next year when I will sell them. I have a Real Estate business and Christmas is slow so it is great for me. See you can get ideas from everywhere. Hey, they should pay me for helping sell the book! I hope you buy the book and good luck on Ebay.

Usual pablum, easy work, no heavy lifting, October 21, 2004
Hello -- this is just another example of the genre of get rich easy books that have infested the self-employment category from the days before we had hucksters selling vacuums door to door throwing dirt on the floor to give a dazzling demo.

You'll find gems in this "ebook" that amount to: buy low, sell high; start at a low price and sell what gets the highest number of bids. It's the same sort of breathless presentation you hear in those dreamy sales pitches for seminars to buy real estate for nothing down or become a zillionaire in commodities trading after a week of seminars or getting a patent on your Super Special Invention.

I've read a LOT of these now, after six years in Ebay. There's a certain sameness to them. Highly verbal people are able to write a few pages and call it a book if they stuff it full of inane generalities. Many of those early sellers now make their money pitching that history, they don't sell regular products any more.

Folks with a few good items and ALL the usual marketing skills still need luck. Ebay is not what was in 1998, when a lot of the sellers who have high feedback now were selling to other sellers and giving feedback without transactions attached. It's reaching a saturation point, especially on trust issues. Soon, almost everybody will know somebody who got ripped off at Ebay. This is a whole new business environment to work in.

Save the money. Even though it's not much, if you were my best friend, I'd tell you to pick up the overt information for free at the library, where Ebay books are molding away. By the time it hits print, it's obsolete but much of the educational value is still there. The specifics of today's Ebay might change by next month anyway, Ebay is not stable. New rules can change the cost of using Ebay or change the user interface with little warning, breaking all the third party software and even Ebay's own listing software. After you finish a few books, if you come up with some ideas, go to the message boards in Ebay and ask for other people's experiences. They will tell you, especially in Q&A.

What's stable? The basic principles of marketing - which shine through most of the Ebay books sold here and rentable at your local library. Go read a few. You will be able to judge all the new get-rich-easy books for what they are: flies at somebody else's picnic.

Really good!, April 16, 2004
I've never really found an eBay book that was truly helpful before I read this one! Most books try to cater to everyone and spend too much time telling people how to use their computer; this one, however, was very concise and I appreciated not having to wade through extraneous information. The checklists are also helpful, especially the first one to make sure you're signed up for everything you'll need to start selling; that stuff is sorta a pain to try on remember on one's own.

Also, the other reviews are telling the truth; I have e-mailed the author as well and he is very prompt to respond. I highly recommend this book. :-)

Right to the point, August 28, 2004
I had recently completed a successful flurry of ebay activity in which I was able to convert items that had been sitting in my own closet into the HDTV of my dreams. My friends could not believe some of the sales I was able to make, and neither could I, until my curiousity led me to purchase this book. Seems I had stumbled upon one of the key points laid down in this book. This book confirmed how I was able to do so well, while pointing out several things I could have done better to have realized even greater profits. If only I could go back and apply everything inside this book...
Many books of this type seem to ramble on and on, this book cuts right to the chase, and jumps right into the reasons you bought it in the first place. The 60 some pages in this book fly by in a single sitting.
This book is worth much more than its asking price, the chapter on finding good deals on items to sale is extremely useful. If you plan to get into ebaying for profit, you owe it to yourself to include this book in your library (or hard drive as is the case here).

If you want hints and tips for higher profit, buy this book, April 16, 2004
I have been eBaying for a couple of years and thought I was pretty savvy. This book taught me several important things to help me get even better response from my auctions.
I second the reviewer who suggested you read it twice so you do not miss anything. This title is full of important information you do not want to miss (unless of course you want to give money away).
The author answers email and is very helpful. You will not go wrong in buying this book if you want success from eBay.

Quick read, valuable information., September 10, 2004
At first I felt uneasy about buying a PDF based book that is comparitively short. I had a couple of items to sell and wanted a guide to getting the best price.

The advice in this book is counter intuitive, sell for less to generate more bids. It works. The reviewer who gave the guide one star and started selling at a $ should re-read. The guide says start low, I'm new to ebay but have attended real world auctions - this is a valid technique. It's based on starting with a low price, not a $.

This book doesn't fully address buyers with bid sniping software (relatively new) which will impact the technique suggested.

The advice on writing descriptions and marketing is very sound. These apply to almost any type of sale and can be considered good marketing practice.

Great checklist for selling, however, I did not like the suggestion the author makes for using multiple eBay accounts (to make it appear someone is selling as an individual rather than as a business)- this is crossing the line and the ethics of this are questionnable. Very good guide, but on eBay, like any other market, you wont get repeat business if you are dishonest.

Well worth the time and money!, August 28, 2004
Not more than two days before reading this book I bought a book at a local book store for $26 and it was supposed to have everything I needed to know about eBay. After thumbing through it when I got home I realized that this book had nothing I needed to know...I returned the book the next day and went hunting on Amazon for something to better satisfy my cravings for eBay knowledge. I mean, really good eBay knowledge, not just the stuff I could get off of their help pages. I found eBay Secrets and decided to give it a try. For less than 1/3 of the price I got 1,000 times the knowledge!

Steven Ellis White gives good, practical tips that ANY eBayer, old or new, can use. I have read it twice now and took notes the second time around. I plan to implement the guidelines listed in this book as soon as possible. I can't wait to give it a try!

Right On Steve White!, August 9, 2004
I will make this brief. Read what S. White has to say, and follow his instructions. The man knows what he is talking about! I am an experienced eBay buyer, but until now, never sold. I held an auction for a used item last week. Completed sales showed used $36. to $52.. New items sold for $103.. Mine (used) sold for $127.50! That says it all. I am auctioning another item this week. After 24 hrs., I have 4 bids and 10 watching. RST

Great Book for seasoned veterans or new eBayers, August 5, 2004
I've been using eBay for over 4 years, I can't say I learned anything new from this book but it definitely was a great refresher for things that I already new and wasn't applying. This is perfect for the seasoned veterans and a great roadmap for the new eBayer. I highly recommend reading this book for anyone wanting to sell on eBay (you can't beat the price!).

Fantastic Book for all Online Auction Sellers, June 25, 2004
This book is easy to understand and is an easy read. Mr. White's approach to selling on ebay is straight forward and logical. This book is not a "Pie in the Sky" book. It realistically portrays the risk and costs of doing business on Ebay and other auction sites. It also gives several practical tips concerning your online accounts. I e-mailed the author with a question and my e-mail was answered within an hour.

I just finished reading your book and really learned a lot. I have been selling on eBay for a few years now but reading this book gave me some insight into how the buyer thinks. I read this book to try and give my end prices a boost. And I realized that I am breaking many rules. This book is a must read for any ebay seller.

The best I've read so far, March 17, 2004
I love this book! It's very different from anything else I've ever read about eBay. So many alleged eBay experts just rehash the same conventional wisdom. This book is filled with unique and aggressive techniques. I've tried them and (so far so good) they work!

I'm only a part-time eBayer, but I'm always happy to make more money. Thanks for writing this book!

Who doesn't want to make more money?, March 5, 2004
Spotted an old record player or a pair of new jeans at a garage sale and think you can turn it around for a quick buck on eBay? Read this book first. Steve White took the pragmatic approach to determining which eBay listings bring in the best and highest bids, and shows you how to game the system for your own profit. If you're content just with the odd dollar or two of extra income, don't bother with this book. If you want to parlay your garage saling into a lucrative eBay career, it's seven bucks well-spent.

Great Book!, October 12, 2004
I love to buy on EBay, and want to sell, but have felt uneasy about actually doing it. I downloaded this book, and read it for 2 days. I printed it. It's a real boot camp. The check lists really help; I recognized quite a few ideas I needed to rethink. Some are so obvious but I had missed them before. I had been researching active auctions of things I plan to sell; Steve says to search the completed items. Well, of course. This is a great nuts and bolts book and a great bargain. Some reviewers don't agree with the Bid Multiplier Method, I say there's huge amount of good advice in the book even if you don't agree on the method. Yes, I want a bargain when I shop on Ebay, I always check what Amazon is selling the items for before I bid and Amazon usually has free shipping. I don't pay a lot of attention to my watched items until the last couple of hours. But, Steve is right; I've seen buyers pay over retail for items just because they have been bidding on them. I highly recommend the book. I have learned a lot.

Every Ebay Seller Should Have a Copy!, July 18, 2004
This is a fantastic resourceful book and guide for sellers on Ebay. Bryon & Steven share how easy and uncomplicated it can be to make $$$$ on Ebay. I immediately tried their Bid Multiplier Method and WOW it really works! Thanks for providing us with a great concept, oh yes and by the way I e-mailed to get an adendum to this book and I got a reponse immedieately!

SUPERB!!!, August 17, 2004
This is the only book you will ever need to learn the best techniques for selling AND making a profit on eBay! Although finding sources for wholesale products to resell is somewhat beyond the scope of this book, it WILL show you how to market those products to get the most money and the most bids by writing an effective and attention-grabbing listing!

I have made some minor changes to the technique to fit my selling needs, but, for the most part, I am using the exact same technique taught in this book. Thanks to "eBay Secrets," I am well on the way to turning something that was just a hobby into a profitable online business!!

This book was WELL worth the price I paid for it. In fact, it has already paid for itself!!

The BEST Guide to Succeeding in ebay sales!, July 20, 2004
This is a fantastic resource! No one should start selling on ebay without first reading this book and applying the techniques. Every facet of selling thru an auction is laid out, step by step, and with a checklist to ensure that you have created the perfect auction! The reader is provided with contact information....I emailed them and received a response within hours! He took the time to explain additional points to me and even provided links to relevant auctions of items that I planned to sell! The first step in creating an ebay seller account is to BUY THIS BOOK!!!! It deserves 10 stars!

Novices and Experts alike NEED this!, July 14, 2004
Wow, I just read it and it helps me alot! I was doing something wrong all this time and I am sure it cost me a lot of money. This book will make you think "I should have done that" and "Why didn't I think of this before!"
It has DEFINATELY made a difference on how I list my auctions on Ebay.

It's really worth the money...

Excellent book -From a Powerseller..., November 17, 2004
I highly recommend this e-book. I was already a powerseller before reading it, and believe there is a lot to be gained by reading as much material on eBay as possible. I have read over 15 eBay books, and this is in the top few.

The author recommends certain strategies, and sure they might not work for all people all the time. But they do work, and give you insight into the auction process and help you learn how to get bids on your items.

I would like to add one little tip to the strategy mentioned in this book. A group of sellers and I have determined that low starting price bids (1 cent or 1 dollar etc) only work well when the item you are selling has a perceived value of $20.00 or more (with the exception of CD and DVDs etc where it also works but for other reasons). People trying to sell 5 dollar items starting at 1.00 wont do well. But for items that have high worth it clearly gets bidding started, keeps people interested in your auctions and helps you become more successful selling.

I would highly recommend you read as much as possible before launching your eBay sales. And to keep reading even when you are doing well. I commend the author for a nice product at a good price.

If you are interested in selling on eBay, spending less than 10 bucks for some good knowledge is well worth it! Good luck with your sales!

Concisely Written w/Common Sense and the Average Joe in mind, October 2, 2004
I am only through the first half of this book, and I can say that I am impressed at how much of the nuances of Ebay Selling I have picked up already.

I am an accomplished Ebay'er. I have been buying and selling for years (since Ebay opened really). I have used Andale and Mr. Lister and AuctionPro to list various items for sale from my personal collections as well as from a couple of my hobbies which net me items to sell.

This book really dives in to the attention to detail that is so essential to a successful EBay Auction Ad. Yes, as other reviewers have written, some of the information is counter-intuitive, and yes, there is an element of risk in the Bid Multiplier Method (you could list an item for $1 and end up selling it for $1, or God Forbid, a significant percentage less than you expected)

But by and large, the auction profits you should realize from these methods could more than make up for the occassional anamaly.

The information is presented in an easy-to-understand format, reinforces the basics of selling on Ebay, and furthers your knowledge by offering some Intermediate and Advanced techniques that should help you realize a greater percentage of your auctions selling with higher prices.

A worthwhile read!

Selling on eBay is no longer scary!, August 23, 2004
I bought this e-book and read it all in one sitting. I am sure I'll be going back to it often for reference. I have never sold any items on eBay, but after reading this book I feel really comfortable about trying it. For a book of only 67 pages it packs a lot of good information in it.

After reading the book, I have checked out many ebay listings and I can now see that the ones that have many bids are using the techniques described in "eBay Secrets".

The truth will be in the pudding whether I'll actually succeed in selling on eBay, but I already feel I got my money's worth from the book, because it has made eBay selling no longer scary for me.

These Secrets Really Do Work!!, March 11, 2004
I downloaded this book, and installed it on my Palm m130. It works just fine. Also, I've tried some of these secrets, and looked at other ebay auctions. I have repeatedly recieved more money for my auctions, than the same items being auctioned on ebay in other auctions. If you want to get the most out of your ebay sales, this is the book to buy!!! The author has really done his research.

Fantastic How-To Guide about Ebay, September 10, 2004
I can't say enough about this well worth reading online book. Although many of the ideas, sound counter-intuitive, and had my family members and I scratching our heads, we fetched more than 40% for items that hadn't sold the first time we listed the traditional way. It's brilliant, everyone selling on ebay should read this book.

This is Great Stuff!, August 14, 2004
First, let me say that downloading the file is my preferred method over traditional paper and snail-mail. I had it in an hour or so of submitting the order. Then, I put the file on my handheld and I read it whenever and wherever I want. Second, the content of this "book" is straight forward great advice from an [obvious] ebay expert; someone who has learned by doing and wants to share their knowledge. It's worth every penny.

Watch the competition..., June 10, 2004
Some of the advice in this short book is on the mark and worth the modest price. Other points may work only in certain selling categories; the best gauge is what the sellers in that category that get the best prices are doing.

For example, the author is correct that providing photos and getting the right title are critical. Sometimes the description of an item leaves a lot unsaid, but the item still gets a good price because of the photos.

Other advice I don't believe is applicable to all categories, particularly not using HTML.

Consumer electronics is one area where sellers that seem to get the highest prices have pretty slick presentations, usually with lots of HTML which the author derides. I wouldn't want to try to compete there without the same. Even in collectibles I've seen presentations dressed up with HTML outperform the competition.

All in all, the book is OK for the money.

They came through, April 6, 2004
Well, Amazon did come through. I insisted on getting the book rather than the refund and somebody printed it out and mailed. THANK YOU!!!
The book is great and well worth the money! Easy to read and full of solid suggestions. It was worth the wait.

Useful information at the right price. No regrets. Ezy dwnld, April 4, 2004
I have applied Steve's principles and they do work. You really have to read the book and even twice so you don't miss anything. He does care about your success and even will follow up if you email him. This is one purchase I don't regret getting online. This is not a scam.
Whether you are a ebay novice or beginner, you can learn from his principles.

the Right Stuff, September 28, 2004
I am only 27 pages into my read and have already been able to go back to items I sold on ebay and see how easily I could have made more $.
this e-book tells you what is important, eg, the title of your item, but then goes on, more importantly, to quickly and concisely tell you HOW to make your title more effective. More effective title gets more ad hits gets more bids gets more $. I haven't finished the read yet but I know it has already paid for itself.
Unpretentious, effective, quick read.

Great results, April 2, 2004
Steve's ideas are laid out in a good format and do help if you apply them. I have gotten great results and have a good attitude about my success in selling in auctions.
He gives you the opportunity to email him and ask for advice and he does reply in a short time. I have no regrets.
It is not a waste of money purchasing this book, nor is this a scam for him to earn a quick buck. He does care.

Perfect for a NEW ebay'er like me!, November 10, 2004
First of all- there was no waiting for the book to be sent in the mail. I got this book sent to me digitally the moment I paid for it. That was WONDERFUL because I wanted to start right away.

If you are looking for a step by step instruction book THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU. This book focuses on every aspect of ebay-ing from registering an account, buying, leaving feedback and selling- not to mention some very crucial points to making your ebay business a success.

The tips, secrets and instructions in this Ebay Guide are amazing and they work- I have doubled my business in less than 2 weeks.

I bought 4 different books -Ebay guides ---but this was the only one I was able to implement and follow- and it all worked !!!

The Author even emailed me back quickly when I had questions.

Thank you so much for all the help and making my business BOOM!

Can't go wrong !!, October 11, 2004
This is a great value...You'll EASILY make your $9 back.
I've been an avid Ebayer for 2 years now, and I've bought and sold a fair share of items. I thought I knew many of the "ins and outs", but even I learned some valuable things in this text.

It's a quick read, and centers on the buyer's perspective, which will assist you in selling your items for (hopefully) more money.

Many good tips. Definitly worthwhile.

Excellent eBay resource!!, October 11, 2004
I'll start by saying I'm a novice eBayer, but I definitely grasp the concept of online auctions. You'll do well to know at least a little about selling/buying on eBay before using this book. That said, if you have a little experience, this book is FANTASTIC! Some of the ideas seem so basic, yet I'm sure not a lot of people have thought of them. This book has a whole lot of knowledge (first hand) that will definitely help you not only sell your item(s), but sell them for more than the average seller!! A must have.

Tells How and Why, December 1, 2004
Very practical guide of how to present items to attract buyers, encourage active bidding, and have the opportunity to sell at a good price. Reinforced some of my practices, changed others, and gave me new insights. Addressing the "whys" makes the difference. Well worth the investment of $ and time.

The best book for newbies, November 10, 2004
I started selling on ebay a couple of months ago and since I started using the tips in this book my items have done noticeably better. And it's not just me, if you look at auctions that break the rules suggested in this book mostly they do worse than the ones that follow them. The best thing I can say is that the tips in this book really work!

This book is extremely helpful!, December 10, 2004
This book is a no BS guide to ebay. It's not for beginners, and assumes general knowledge of ebay. However, it is extremely helpful. None of my items I was selling were getting many bids, and so they werent selling very high. As it turns out, I was doing almost everything exactly opposite of what I should have been doing! The techniques in the book seems very counter-intuitive, but beleive me, they work. I followed the information in the book and now I am selling items for far more than I thought was possible. Great book, easy read.

It worked for me, November 10, 2004
There are many usefull Ideas here.
You could go to the eBay forums, but your competition is also there and probably aren't sharing their best ideas.
Also, you have to hunt for the information you need.

This book is well organized and to the point.

Worth the small price of admission

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