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VB .NET for Developers

   by Keith Franklin

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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Helps developers understand the paradigm shift presented by the .NET Framework. Key differences between VB 6 and VB.NET are highlighted in the code samples. For intermediate to advanced users. Softcover. --This text refers to the

Book Description

This book will smooth the transition to Visual Basic.NET and help developers understand the paradigm shift presented by the .NET Framework. Key differences between VB 6 and VB.NET will be highlighted in the code samples.
--This text refers to the edition.

Reader review(s):

Very overpriced for the amount of content but is useful, September 14, 2001
This book is a useful summary of many of the features of VB .NET. It does skips over important issues such as multithreading or I/O and is hardly complete (not unexpected for the small number of pages).

My real complaint though is the cost per page for this kind of reference: this book is 280 small format pages and I feel it is extremely overpriced for the amount of material it contains. You would be much better served with the O'Reilly book "VB NET in a Nutshell" which is similar in thrust, has more than twice as many pages and costs less!

If this book were ... it might be worth buying but at ... I would suggest people pass.

The title is misleading, February 15, 2002
I am an intermediate VB programmer. I was a little frustrated reading this book. The book didn't cover much and the explanations were not very clear. I also thought the author did not use a common sense approach of explaining complex ideas by using simple examples. He went the other way.

A better book is codenotes.

thrown together, December 17, 2001
While the content is in the main useful, this book has clearly been thrown together in a panic to get it out of the door ASAP. There are a number of crucial typo's in the code etc, which make it hard to follow, because your not sure if you're thick or the writer hasn't got a clue what he is on about. There are also a number of factual inaccuracies.

Worth a punt for the read, but don't take it as gospel.

Outstanding dot net overview and more., December 8, 2001
If you're a seasoned VB developer looking for a book to get you up to speed quickly on dot net this is the one! "VB.NET for Developers" is a readible, concise intro to dot net that I gobbled up in less than 2 weeks.

But's more. It has sections on COM+ services, ADO.NET, and calling Windows APIs via Interop among other advanced topics.

If you're looking for a good "first" dot net book then you just found it!

VB .NET helped our team begin .NET development!!!, November 1, 2001
I am a project lead and have been struggling with various resources on .NET and had a tough time determining where to begin my venture into this new technology. I found this to be a terrific book and it has helped me learn various features of the new IDE and language. I particularly appreciated the before and after style of written that was done. For example, you will find many topics explained similar to, "In VB 5/6 this is how you would implement a class. In VB .NET the implementation would look like this..."

My project team was looking for a common point to begin their learning as well, so I encouraged (made...) them purchase this book. The fact that we have this common ground to begin our development has helped us tremendously.

I would highly recommend this book for those looking into .NET development. The book reads well, the examples thoughtful and straightforward, and the material covered is quite extensive. Enjoy!

Inadequate and misleading, May 15, 2002
I have been prograaming VB for nine years now and consider myself to be intermediate to advanced. This book simply does not cover the new in sufficient details. New methods and properties are not explained whilst dealing with other new methods or properties. A good exmaple is the string class. This is not explained, just used, when giving a code example. Also, the examples are incorrect, in many places. I went to the website ... and they hadn't even bothered to correct the code there.
I'm sure there must be better books out by now. If

Great Start into the .NET world for experienced developers, August 31, 2001
I was looking for a book that would not dumb down Visual Basic or the .NET Framework and I found one. This book could be longer but the content is great. Not just fluff. Time is not spent on setting up the environment the author left that to the setup program that came with Visual Studio.NET. Unlike some books from other publishers nothing in this book was put together by a team and published in half a dozen books or so on .NET.

Not enough detail and too much repetition, March 20, 2003
I stopped reading not even half way through. The author gives an overview for the chapter that explains quite a bit about each topic. Then, when the topic is revisited, basically states the same as was covered in the overview. As a result, the book could have been a lot shorter without the redundancy makig it even more expensive per page of real content than other reviewers have noted.

Thrown together., July 16, 2002
I used this book as a preparation for the Beta exam. It was pretty useless. It has many typographical and code errors such that it looks like it was thrown together at short notice. With at least one chapter, the technical content very questionable. Very much a rush job in my opinion.

A bit overpriced, more on the IDE than VB .NET, November 1, 2001
My first thought, after seeing this book, was what a small book for 40 bucks. After thumbing through the pages, I still think it is a bit small, but I am more impressed with its content.

This book, much like "Designing Visual Basic.NET Applications", is as much a book on the Visual Studio .NET IDE as it is on Visual Basic .NET. Unlike the aforementioned tome, this book has plenty of screenshots to help you navigate the IDE.

In all fairness, there is a good amount of code in this book, for its size. I just wish there were more. If you are looking for an advanced book, look the other way.

The saving grace of this book is its help in navigating the Visual Studio .NET IDE. If you want to learn the tool as much as you want to learn the language, this is not a bad buy. For books in this price range the O'Reilly Nutshell book is much better.

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