Adware Report: WebThisWebThat Spyware

In the past month, a new form of adware has appeared that runs invisibly on your computer and modifies Yahoo and Google search results pages. This adware removes the #1 and #2 search results and replaces them with paid advertisements. The ads are nearly indistinguishable from regular Google search results ... the only difference being that they never have the "cached version" link available. Clicking on them leads you to a "search engine" that returns nothing but paid advertisements.

The name of this new spyware is "WebThisWebThat".

How to Get Rid of WebThisWebThat

We've done some research and found that it isn't so easy unless you are comfortable digging into your operating system internals. Here are a couple of good programs that get rid of this spyware:

Aluria Spyware Eliminator
Webroot Spy Sweeper

If you're a little braver, then deletion can be done manually with the following steps:

1. reboot into safe mode and delete the file called "cmcfg32.exe" which resides in your [windowsdir]\system32 folder.
2. Using a utility which allows you to modify your startup programs, remove cmcfg32 from the startup list.
3. Reboot your PC.

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