Adware Report: Surveillance Software

Surveillance Software (also known as Activity Monitoring Software) is a potentially greater and more dangerous threat than spyware and viruses because it can record your keystrokes, history, passwords, and other confidential and private information and then send that information to the creator or the person who installed it. This type of software is often sold as a spouse monitor, child monitor, surveillance tool or a tool to spy on users trying to gain unauthorized access. Surveillance Software covertly gathers user information and monitors activity without the user's knowledge. You do not have to be connected to the Internet to be spied on. Some software will save logs to be transmitted later. Current surveillance Software includes the use of e-mail to mail out user activity or posting information on the web where the creator can view the information at their leisure. Some Surveillance Software vendors go as far as using "stealth routines" and "polymorphic" techniques to avoid detection and removal by popular anti-spy software. In conclusion, Surveillance Software is a program that monitors all activity on your computer and then sends that information to another user on the internet.

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