Adware Report: CWShredder

What is CWShredder?

CWShredder is a utility used to remove the extremely stubborn CoolWebSearch spyware program. CoolWebSearch is an aggressive and sophisticated browser hijacker which receives frequent updates by the authors. CoolWebSearch is nearly impossible to remove by hand, and often the only way to do so is by manually re-installing the entire operating system. While a good spyware removal product such as Spyware Eliminator or Spy Sweeper will usually be able to remove CoolWebSearch, this particular breed of spyware is so frequently patched that sometimes these products can not keep up.

In such a situation, you may be able to remove CoolWebSearch with this handy little utility, CWShredder, written by Merijn Bellekom. Unfortunately, Merijn claims that the current version of CWShredder, v1.59.1 will be the last as he is unable to keep up with all of the latest versions of CoolWebSearch.

When do I need to use CWShredder?

If you are already running an effective spyware removal tool on your computer and you notice any of the following systems, you may be infected by a recent update of CoolWebSearch. Try running CWShredder and see if this fixes the problem:

* Hijacks to various search engines. Different variants of CoolWebSearch will redirect you to different sites.
* When a URL is mistyped in the browser, CoolWebSearch will redirect the page to affiliate websites as well as
* Installs bookmarks to adult websites in the favorites menu.
* Installs toolbars into the browser.
* Slows down PC.
* Can cause reboots.
* Targets anti-spyware websites, usually vendors of spyware removal tools. Once infected with CoolWebSearch, you may be unable to visit these websites to download their products.
* Will open porn popups if it thinks the website being viewed is pornographic in nature.
* Can cause significant slowdowns when attempting to type into a browser.
* Will add to the trusted sites list.
* Your anti-spyware product refuses to start or scan.

Download CWShredder

As a service to Adware Report readers, we have mirrored the latest version (v1.59.1) of CWShredder on our server.

Click here to download CWShredder

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