Adware Report: Upcoming Spyware Tests

A note to our readers regarding the spyware tests.

Comparative testing of spyware products is extremely time and labor intensive. To run our monthly tests, we first load each PC with a number of spyware products, creating system checkpoints along the way (so we can undo any mistakes). Then we have to install products one-by-one, perform our tests, and manually verify which spyware products were removed and to what degree. After each test is complete, we revert back to our previous checkpoint and repeat the process. The entire process takes several days of work. We have had so many requests to review new products, that this has delayed new testing for over a month now.

To remedy this, we're upgrading our systems to allow us to perform quicker and more standardized testing of all the new anti-spywareproducts. This will allow us to add more "bait" programs to our spyware effectiveness test and cover more products in far less time than it took us before.

Thanks for your patience while we sort this out!

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