Adware Report: CoolWebSearch: The nastiest spyware on the planet

What the spyware companies hope you don't ask

Every week we get a number of emails asking what will remove CoolWebSearch or it's twin brother, About:blank. We could never give an educated answer because frankly, we had heard so much bad news about this piece of spyware that we were afraid to install it on our test computers.

However, we recently made a large investment in a new test lab. This lab allows us to create virtual servers, infect them, test anti-spyware tools, and then blow away the server so we can start over. So we rolled up our sleeves and installed CoolWebSearch.

Bad news. So far, we've had very little success finding anything that will remove this product. Put simply, this parasite will really mess up your PC. The second we find a product that will remove it, we'll let you know.

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