Adware Report: More Spyware Sleazebags

Well, here's an interesting one. Now we have anti-spyware review sites using spam as a way to generate traffic. We received this email today on one of our spam bait accounts:

Don't buy ANY anti-spyware programs! Did you know that 95% of the anti-spyware programs recently hitting the internet in waves are actually spyware themselves. Some greedy companies are taking advantage of a world scared of spyware and viruses by releasing anti-spyware programs that ALSO collect your personal information, surfing habits, contact lists, and more. Learn about 'Rogue Spyware' at my website: for reviews of the current top 5 anti-spyware applications, free scans and valuable discounts.


Bruce Stefani
Top 5 anti-scumware programs exposed.

But wait! It gets better. Bruce has not only steeped to new lows as a spammer, he's also copied some of our articles almost verbatim. You can also click here for a nice, easy-to-read version from Copyscape that shows exactly what sections Bruce Stefani has stolen from Adware Report.

Another example can be seen here with our article, What is Spyware?.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Thanks, Bruce!

P.S. Bruce, next time, don't spam the guy who you stole from.

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