Adware Report: New version of Aluria Spyware Eliminator Released

Last Friday, Aluria released version 4.0 of their product. We finally got a chance to install and review it, and it rocks! There are a lot of improvements in the product, but two stand out the most:

1. A new user interface

Let's face it, Aluria's old user interface was a bit lacking and unappealing for many of us. I often mentioned this to them, and apparently a lot of of other users did as well. The new release sports a brand new interface that is downright good looking.

2. New Spyware Detection Technology

We ran the new version on our heavily polluted test PC and the results were off the charts. So much so, that we're going to re-image a brand new machine, manually re-infect it, and test it again. We talked to Aluria about this and the new version makes use of similar technology that Giant Company created for their AntiSpyware product (and which is no longer commercially available). Apparently this method for detecting spyware does not need signature files. For those of you who don't know, signature files are used to match specific spyware programs and must be created manually. This is the reason that different spyware programs will give you such different results, and why the same spyware program that seems so effective one month might be outdated a month later. If these signature files aren't kept up to date, the software becomes virtually useless.

The challenge for anti-spyware companies then has been to keep these signature files as up-to-date and accurate as possible. However, if you can devise a technology that doesn't require them, then in theory, you may have discovered the magic bullet that can kill all (or potentially all) spyware. Has Aluria done this? We'll see in the next few months.

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