Adware Report: WinLogin.exe


WinLogin.exe is a required Windows system file responsible for processing logins on to your computer. It also checks your Windows activation code when you start your PC.

However, two extremely common trojan horses, W32/Backdoor and W32.NetSky.D, can install a similarly named file in an effort to evade detection. These files will hijack your email and send out copies of themselves to others, install new registry entries, make random beeping sounds, and consume network and CPU resources.

The emails sent by these trojans can take on any of the following formats:

From: (forged address taken from infected system)
Subject: Taken from the following list:

* Re: Hello
* Re: Hi
* Re: Thanks!
* Re: Document
* Re: Message
* Re: Here
* Re: Details
* Re: Your details
* Re: Approved
* Re: Your document
* Re: Your text
* Re: Excel file
* Re: Word file
* Re: My details
* Re: Your music
* Re: Your bill
* Re: Your letter
* Re: Document
* Re: Your website
* Re: Your product
* Re: Your document
* Re: Your software
* Re: Your archive
* Re: Your picture
* Re: Here is the document

Body: Taken from the following list:

* Here is the file.
* Your file is attached.
* Your document is attached.
* Please read the attached file.
* Please have a look at the attached file.
* See the attached file for details.

Removal Recommendation

A few anti-spyware programs and most firewalls will block and remove this threat.

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