Adware Report: Microsoft vs Lavasoft - one reader chimes in

The email below was received from one of our readers who was commenting on our article, "The Absolutely, Positively Best Way To Get Rid of Spyware".

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An evaluator at this site gives Microsoft Anti-Spyware high marks for its effectiveness as a spy fighter. I took his advice and tried it myself and found that it is pretty good at identifying CWS junk and even removes it--or so I am informed--but it does not keep the same parasites or others from coming right back moments later. I've also got LavaSoft Ad-Aware and get similar results, but without the complications I experience with Microsoft's product. I read a story on this site from a disabled vet who complained about Wal-Mart and how confusing and terrible LavaSoft's product is, but Microsoft's Anti-Spyware is enough to drive a person nuts by the endless stream of on-the-spot, impossible decisions it insists be made. During the 24 hours or so that I've had Microsoft's Anti-Spyware trial software, I have already been advised dozens of times, for example, that "A program is attempting to change file number 32axedratbcd42qx4.1 from 'this to that.' If you recognize the file in question you might want to decide what to do based on that. Now, what do you want to do, Allow it or Block it?" How on Earth is the typical person supposed to make an intelligent choice in such an instant? The evaluator also spoke of "good guys" and "bad guys" cooperating with and scratching each other's backs to enhance profits. I think it's an absolute waste of time to categorize the two groups because it doesn't do a thing to distinguish them one from another. Maybe the ultimate solution to this entire sleazy Internet industry is to just stay away from it altogether and let all the clever and "highly ethical" computer experts who prey on the public cut one another's throats in private while Internet commerce crumbles down around them.

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