Comments: Follow-up: XoftSpy - rogue or reputable?


I tested the most recent scan on the link provided your adware report site for
After backing up the registry,
I first I had to disable my Hosts file as that site is in hpguru's list of banned sites.
As a pre-check, I scanned with Ad-aware which found one tracking cookie.

Then XoftSpy scanned 41,000 objects compared to Ad-aware scanning 127,000.

Xoftspy found 7 registry items:
The Coolwebsearch and CWS.Oslogo (2) entries are registry entries for sites
in my Restricted Zones that I intentionally put there to protect my system.
The WinPup32 (2) entries look to be part of MS .inet setup.
The Bat/Mumu-A entry is actually part of standard legit video card setup.
The MainPean Dialer entry is part of my VDMSound setup.
Screenshot :

XoftSpy got zero out of 7 correct. All false positives.
XoftSpy flagged legitimate applications and system processes as malware.

I backed up the files and clicked Remove. As predicted; the registration screen came up.
Pay up or stay infected with legitimate entries.....
I chose to stay infected with my own system's entries.

Well, I couldn't call any of this encouraging towards removal of XoftSpy from the crapware list.
You might want to try the same procedure and give this product an updated review.

Then again, looking at webhelper's comparision, you may prefer to drop that product altogether.
We can't have innocent victims removing legitimate files from their system
after paying good money for a scam product.

I'll check your site in a few days to see how you are progressing.



Posted by at June 2, 2004 07:39 PM