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Northgate Launches First Desktop Linux Computer on
Linux PR (press release), CT - 3 hours ago
... "We think that consumers will be drawn to the L-series due to upfront cost savings, along with not having to deal with the hassles of viruses and spyware.". ...

How to protect yourself if you use Windows
AZ, AZ - 3 hours ago
... They should take responsibility for shielding users from hackers, spammers, viruses and spyware - the malicious software that hijacks your browsing and ...

Survey shows SOX bringing IT, business together - 4 hours ago
... far as technologies and applications go, most CIOs are most interested in the ones related to security, testament to the scourges of spam, spyware, adware and ...

Vulnerability In IBM Windows XP Default Hidden Administrator ...
Help Net Security, Croatia - 4 hours ago
... Use of this account will allow anyone with physical access to the computer to fully control the computer, add spyware, keystroke loggers, password stealing ...

New and Noteworthy: How to protect yourself from Windows viruses ...
MacFixIt (subscription), World - 5 hours ago
... and security pitfalls: buy a system capable of running Mac OS X. Walter Mossberg writes " The single most effective way to avoid viruses and spyware is to ...

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