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Homepage Hijacking

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One of the most common symptoms of spyware infection is �homepage hijacking�, or when your default browser homepage has been forcibly changed to a new website without your permission.

Most current spyware programs will also prevent you from changing your homepage back either by disabling the functionality in your �options� menu setting or by installing some type of program that will regularly switch it back to the rogue website. Even if you can reset your homepage, upon reboot it will be reset to the Homepage Hijacker setting.

Hijackers may also route all of your website requests through an unknown third-party for tracking. Aside from being an invasion of privacy, this can dramatically slow down your browser.

These programs are more than just annoying. They can cost you your job, your relationship, or your reputation should somebody use your PC and be led to believe that you are spending a good portion of your time surfing pornographic or even criminal websites.

Here are a list of some of the more common browser and homepage hijacking programs out there:


Our top picks recognize homepage hijackers and are constantly updated with the latest signatures to ensure that you remain protected.

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