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Thank you for your interest in having your product reviewed on To have your product included for review on our site, please submit a download link and evaluation key to our .

Because of the number of requests received (we currently have over 45 products waiting for a review), the time between your request and a completed review may be six months or longer.

In response to this, we have begun to offer software vendors an expedited review option that guarantees review within 30 days. The fee for this service is $500 USD. Please note that this fee does not guarantee a favorable review nor placement as one of the top recommended products. In addition, reviews remain the property of Gooroo, Inc., the owner of

Once your product is reviewed, our reviewers will occasionally update reviews in response to major version releases. To expedite an update to an existing review, there is a fee of $300 USD.

Payment may be made by check payable to:

Gooroo, Inc.
1030 North Kingsbury
Chicago, IL 60610

Paypal is also accepted - please contact us to arrange for payment.


1. Does an expedited review fee guarantee placement?

No. Under no circumstances will a vendor who pays an expediting fee receive preferred treatment by our editors. Placement is based solely on the merits of the product and company.

2. Will you send us a list of all spyware that you test against?

No. The spyware used in the Gooroo Spyware Effectiveness test will not be revealed. This is done in order to prevent vendors from reverse-engineering our tests and skewing the results.

3. Can we pay for testing results only, without a review?

Yes. You will receive the quantitative results of our tests before a review is written. Vendors then have the option of whether or not they would like to continue on to a full review. Please note that if you waive a review of your product, the test is considered concluded and no review will be granted later without a new submission.

4. How do you test products?

We follow a repeatable testing process to ensure all products are fairly compared. A standard operating system image containing live infections of various spyware programs is created. This image is then transferred on to a fresh PC and your product is installed. Next, a full scan is run, the computer is rebooted, and finally another full scan is run. After the testing procedure is complete, an audit of the computer is conducted by our editors to determine what percentage of our bait spyware was detected, disabled, and completely removed.

The spyware we test against is fully installed on the test PC; it does not simply sit in a folder on the hard drive.

5. Do you accept banner advertising?


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