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Qurb 3.0 Review

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Product: Qurb 3.0
Vendor: Qurb
Price: $29.95
Editor Rating: 1 star


+ Simple user interface
+ Integrates directly into your email client


- Frequently quarantines legitimate email
- Poor protection against spam


We test each spam filter by first sending 100 spam emails to a test account with the spam filter installed. If necessary, we then train the product, typically by pressing a button marking the email as spam. After the training process is complete, we then send a different set of spam emails to the same account to determine the overall effectiveness of the product.

We tested each spam filter on Outlook Express, Eudora, and Yahoo.


Qurb installed perfectly the first time. It correctly found our email clients and integrated into each one. The first time we ran Outlook Express, it popped up a helpful screen of information teaching us how to get started:

qurb welcome screen.gif


Qurb was easy to use. Like Spam Inspector, it installed a toolbar directly into Outlook Express with just two buttons, "Approve" and "Block":

qurb toolbar.gif


Immediately after installing Qurb for the first time, we downloaded 96 spam emails and 4 legitimate emails from our test account. It quarantined all 100 emails, including the legitimate ones. Qurb placed all of the emails into a new folder appropriately named �Qurb�.

We then trained the software by using the "approve" button on the legitimate emails and the "block" button on the spam and then imported an additional 291 spam email and 15 legitimate emails.

Qurb�s results were a little unexpected in that it tended to allow spam through and block legitimate email. Overall, it quarantined 74 of the emails (26%), including 13 of the legitimate emails. The only legitimate emails that it allowed to pass were ones that we had flagged in the training session.

Our tests indicate that this product is little more than an address blocker, which means that you will spend quite a bit of time going through your quarantine folder to look for legitimate email.

Other Features

Qurb has a built-in update feature, but overall it is lacking in functionality.


Qurb blocked a low percentage of spam in our tests and tended to quarantine legitimate email from senders we didn�t explicitly put in our �approved senders� list.

Price: $29.95
Free Trial: YES

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