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Protect Your Children From Internet and Mobile Phone Dangers : An Easy-to-Understand Handbook for Worried Mums

by Steve Roche
  (1 customer reviews)
Paperback: Thursday, March 24, 2005 (BookSurge Publishing)
List Price: $18.50
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You Save: $3.92

Editorial Reviews

Book Description
An easy-to-understand handbook for worried mums that explains what they can do to prevent problems from happening to their children when they use the Internet or mobile phones.

Reader Reviews

straightforward talk, Monday, April 18, 2005

A quick little book to help if you're concerned about your child's forays onto the Internet. In plain language, Roche seeks to educate you (and your child), by demystifying much of the Internet's mystique.

Clearly, Roche is aiming this at an audience that is itself only slightly experienced in such matters. By and large, his advice is sound. As an added bonus, space is also given to talking about using a mobile phone. Though the so-called scares about such a phone causing long-term cancer seem overblown. He says as much, to reassure the parent.

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