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Worldwide Spyware 2004-2008 Forecast and Analysis: Security and System Management Sharing Nightmares

by IDC

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This IDC study defines the spyware security threat and its repercussions as well as forecasts the potential market. How hot is the spyware frenzy? IDC estimates the antispyware market made $12 million in 2003 and will increase by almost 260% for 2004. This rapidly growing market has become one of the hottest topics within the past year. The destructive effects of spyware have escalated from home PC nuisance to serious corporate dilemmas.

According to Chris Christiansen, program vice president of IDC's Security Products and Services programs, "Dealing with spyware is like the children's game Whack-A-Mole where a never-ending series of problems keep reoccurring." The range of spyware from semilegitimate to completely criminal is a challenge to consumers and corporate customers. Credible solutions are available from a variety of vendors, but customers demand antispyware products that are more comprehensive. While we think that client solutions will gain substantial market success, we also believe that spyware will quickly become a key feature in antivirus products, security suites, and server-based gateways.

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