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Stopping Spyware Secure PDF: Protecting Your Computer, Your Data, and Your Privacy

by Laura, E. Hunter
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"Stop spyware in its tracks!

Spyware infects the vast majority of home computers today. After it's on your machine, it can be used to access your social security number, track every website you visit, and take control of your computer away from you.

If you work for a large company, odds are your company has purchased anti-spyware protection for you. But readers using home computers or running small businesses are on their own and vulnerable to infection. Many readers suffering with ""slow connections"" have in fact already been infected and don't know it.

Written specifically for the home computer and small business owner, this title is a straightforward, no-nonsense guide that explains what spyware is, how to avoid being infected with it, and how to remove it from your computer if you've already been ""hit."" Stopping Spyware cuts to the core of the problem of spyware and offers practical advice on how to deal with it.

This short guide explains the following:

* What spyware is and how it works

* How to protect yourself from spyware infections

* How to choose and install spyware protection

* What to do if you are already infected-or think you are

* How to protect your personal data and information

* Where to find tools and additional resources"

Reader Reviews

avoid someone finding out what you type, Saturday, December 17, 2005

For those of you worried about the latest onslaught of spyware, and who are perhaps not computer experts, then Hunter offers reassurance. The book is deliberately not aimed at system administrators or programmers. But towards individuals with their own computers at home, who lack the expertise and an IT department to call upon for help.

Hunter shows why spyware can be so dangerous. It comes in various forms. Some might be annoying, like promulgating popup ads, but be no more than that. But other spyware performs keystroke logging. It surreptitiously records what keys you press. So if you go to your bank's website and type in your username and password, this gets logged. The spyware might even be able to record what network addresses the browser goes to. Then at some regular intervals, it uploads the log to somewhere else on the net. From which a cracker could analyse your actions and break into your accounts.

This is really the main reason for the book. To learn how to avoid such spyware. Hunter also points out that technically spyware is not [usually] a virus. It does not attempt to propagate itself. Hence, many antivirus programs are unable to detect spyware. You, yourself, are the one who installs it on your machine. :(

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