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Website update: Comments functionality removed

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We turned off the ability for our readers to make comments on reviews tonight.

Although the vast majority of comments have been constructive, another unscrupulous review site felt it necessary to spam us. Although we won't dignify the website by naming them, they are a very well-known and highly advertised site. We will mention that this site doesn't even look at the vast majority of the software that they claim to "review", a fact that inspired us to create Gooroo reviews.

Rest assured that the Gooroo team does install every product we review on our bed of test computers and that our staff typically spends two to four hours on each product so that we can present you with screenshots, support and documentation surveys, and objective statistics. In short, everything that you need to make an informed decision and avoid scams.

We apologize that we are no longer able to provide our readers with the ability to make comments. If you have pressing information that you would like to see posted on the site, please email it to us at using the contact button above.

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