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The latest round of anti-spyware tests have been completed! We added more new spyware to our testing computers, which makes for a very difficult test. It takes nearly 10 minutes to boot up our infected image, and downloading anti-spyware programs on each takes a long time because the spyware programs running in the background hog all of the bandwidth.

No big surprises in the rankings. Spyware Doctor moved up a notch, while Microsoft AntiSpyware made its debut at #4. We were a little amazed that StopZilla performed so poorly in our tests. Their site looks terrific and they have great marketing, so we expected more. It just proves you can't believe the hype.

Finally, if you have a product that you would like us to review, . We can't personally answer all of the email we receive (there's just way too much!), but we do read each and every one.

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