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BlackIce PC Protection

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Product: BlackIce PC Protection
Price: $39.95
Company Info: BlackICE
Editor Rating: 2 1/2 stars

Free Trial: Yes

+ Blocks incoming attacks
+ Attractive user interface
+ Blocks some internet ads

- Doesn't monitor outgoing communications
- Aggressive selling tactics / cart stuffing

BlackIce PC Protection Review

Essentially a much more secure version of the built-in Windows firewall, BlackIce PC Protection offers a baseline of defense against incoming hacking attempts. It does not monitor or block outgoing communications, nor does it offer any other features found in other firewall products we've reviewed.

Note: Firewall products protect against different threats than anti-spyware and anti-virus programs, and you should always run a firewall in addition to those other types of security products. Click here for more information about firewalls.

Installation and Configuration

Installation was fast and straightforward. We did not enable Application Protection (see below) - if you do choose to enable this, the program may take an additional 20-30 minutes to install.

Like some of the other big firewall vendors, Blackice engages in cart stuffing. When you order the product, they will automatically include a $6.99 "extended download" fee. While paying this fee allows you to download your software for up to a year, it is not particularly necessary. Be sure to remove it from your cart and make a backup copy of the software, and you can save a few bucks.


There's not much to use with BlackIce. It simply runs in the background and blocks unsolicited incoming activity. While this is useful when it comes to thwarting hacking attempts, it probably won't do much to prevent spyware from installing through your browser. And it certainly won't do anything to prevent spyware that is already running on your computer from updating itself or installing additional spyware in the background.

blackice UI.gif
BlackIce's UI reflects its features - minimal.

Other Features

As mentioned above, BlackIce won't block spyware or adware. It also won't block hostile websites, internet ads, cookies, dangerous file attachments, or any number of other threats. It is meant to do one thing, and one thing only - stop incoming attacks.


While BlackIce adds a good degree of protection to your PC, you can get much more protection for a few more dollars with other products.

Price: $39.95

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