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Kama Sutra Virus/Worm Will Begin Attacking Computers This Friday

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AntiSpyware, Backup, and AntiVirus Software will Help

The Kama Sutra Virus, which had previously affected over 500,000 computers worldwide, is going to be activated on Friday. It has been spreading around the world via email, but won�t begin destroying computer files until Friday, February 3rd.

This virus makes use of special social engineering techniques to spread itself, including sending itself to all of the contacts contained in the user's address book.

On the third day of the month, it will permanently corrupt a number of common document format files, including Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, digital photos, and others.

Here is a short list of attachments you want to watch for: my photos, schoolgirl fantasies gone bad, the best video clip ever, a great video, give me a kiss,*Hot movie*, Fwd: Photo, Fw: Sexy, Fw: Pictures, Miss. Lebanon or please see the file. Never open attachments, unless you are expecting a certain file.

What To Do

Adware Report readers are advised to back up all important files, possibly even their entire hard drive. Next, make sure that you are running one or two antispyware programs with memory-resident shields by midnight tonight. Finally, activate your memory resident antivirus program.

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