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New round of testing underway...

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There haven't been many updates in awhile because the AdwareReport team has been working on a new round of testing.

One of the problems we've run against in the past is that we've been somewhat limited in the number of spyware programs we've been able to test against. After hitting a certain number of infections, our testing PCs crawl, sometimes taking as long as 5 minutes to even open up an Internet Explorer window.

For the upcoming April reviews, we've spent quite a bit of time building a new testing center with upgraded hardware. This hardware has allowed us to more than double the number of spyware infections we test against, resulting in more accurate test scores.

Expect updated reviews shortly for PC Tools Spyware Doctor, Aluria Antispyware, Microsoft Defender, Ewido, StopZilla, and perhaps a few new additions (if we can find the time - it takes the better part of a day to fully test a single product).

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