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Happy Holidays From Adware Report!

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This weekend, when you purchase any anti-spyware product, Adware Report will send you a free copy of Aluria Software�s �The Everlasting Pop-Up Stopper�. This $30 software package is yours, no strings attached, as our way of saying thank you for visiting our site.

What�s a Pop-Up Stopper?

While anti-spyware products eliminate unwanted software which slows down your computer, they don�t block annoying pop-up and pop-under windows that interfere with your web surfing experience. That�s where pop-up stopping software comes in. With it, you�ll stop annoying pop-up ads forever. And if you surf the internet through a dialup connection, you�ll be amazed at how much faster you can surf the web.

How To Get Your Free Software

After you purchase your software through one of the links on our side-by-side comparison or review pages, simply email your receipt (or order number and the name of the product you purchased) to us at: [email protected]. Weďż˝ll send you download instructions and your registration code by email. We have a limited number of free copies to give away, so be sure to email us your receipt as soon as you receive it.

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