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Microsoft Acquires Giant Company

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Source: Giant Company

Microsoft Acquires Anti-spyware Leader
Giant Company Software Inc.

New offerings will help customers keep spyware and other deceptive software off of their computers.

On December 16, 2004, Microsoft announced its acquisition of GIANT Company Software, Inc., a provider of top-rated anti-spyware and Internet security products. Microsoft will use the acquisition to provide its customers with new tools to help protect them from the threat of spyware and other deceptive software. In addition, key personnel from Giant will be joining Microsofts security efforts.

Microsoft plans to make available a beta version of a spyware protection, detection, and removal tool, based on the Giant AntiSpyware product, within one month for Microsoft customers. The upcoming beta will scan a customers PC to locate spyware and other deceptive software threats and enable customers to remove them. The tool will be configurable to block known spyware and other unwanted software from being installed on the computer. It will be available for Windows 2000 and later.

Details of the Microsoft solution beyond the planned beta, including product plans, pricing, and a timeline for delivery, are not yet available. The anti-spyware technology will complement the enhanced security features available in Windows XP Service Pack 2 to provide a higher level of protection for browsing and other Internet computing.

More information about Microsoft and its efforts to address computer security, including spyware customer guidance and information on anti-spyware solutions is available at

Limited functionality for the Spynet Research Center will be available during this transition. Spynet can be reached at

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