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We saw this letter on CNet today and thought we would share it. Although we get the occasional support complaint about just about every company we review (some more than others), Aluria's customer support has stood apart from the crowd.

This is not an advertisement, but a recommendation based on personal experience. I recently had a spyware infection on my computer that was hijacking my browser home page and giving me unwanted popups. Neither free Spybot or Adaware could detect or remove the spyware.

So I purchased Spyware Eliminator by Aluria Software and it didn't detect the spyware either. But Aluria has a toll-free spyware hotline, which I called. The tech support rep was unbelievably helpful and he walked me through the process of identifying and removing the spyware.

No spyware removal program is 100% accurate, especially with new threats. I simply do not have the time to write lengthy descriptions of a problem to be posted on a forum, and then wait for a reply that may or may not solve my problem. I use my computer for my business and can not tolerate any infection which could compromise the security of my system.

In my opinion, Aluria's software is no better or worse than the rest of the pack, but their toll-free support sets them apart from the crowd. Their call center is located in Orlando, Florida, and I was transfered to a real live person with practically no wait. Your mileage may vary.

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