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Spyware Removal Starts At Home

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Consumers, Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission are similarly confounded when it comes to defining spyware and how best to combat a spreading plague of intruding and often malicious software. It�s up to individual users to stop it on their own computers, at the first sign of infection.

Ask a personal computer user suffering from a spyware or adware infection and they�ll easily define it for you. Slower Internet connection speeds, unwanted popup ads, changed Web browser settings or home pages, computer unresponsiveness and a general anxiety about exposing personal information and passwords.

"Adware and spyware victims need to take immediate action at the first sign of a spyware symptom," advises Richard Stokes, a computer engineer who runs, an established adware removal, consumer review site. "Don�t wait for the government or for Microsoft to find an adware solution, because every moment you wait is another moment that you risk your privacy and general frustration with your computer.

"Having said that," Stokes added, "even when consumers do decide to find a spyware solution on their own, they�re often confused about which anti-spyware program will do the trick." Hundreds of anti-spyware programs elbow for search engine space, as consumers get bombarded with anti-spyware ads and promising spyware cures.

"As with anything consumers buy, the smart shopper will always come out ahead," said Stokes. Nobody wants to waste their time researching for the right spyware remover, but wasting your money purchasing a useless spyware remover can be twice as frustrating. "When people visit Adware Report, I encourage them to take their time, read the reviews and be certain that the spyware remover they buy is the right fit for them." Consumers need to make their own, knowledgeable decisions or their spyware problems are sure to persist.

Although the FTC and similar government agencies are finally making strides towards first defining and then solving the growing spyware epidemic, the burden ultimately falls on the individual spyware victims to take swift and intelligent action at the slightest hint of a spyware infection. It could take years before consumers see the benefits of the FTC�s recent spyware and adware report (available at Until then, the only viable solution is to continue turning to review sites like Adware Report to ease their confusion and help find anti-spyware solutions.

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