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Warning! This fake cure for SpyAxe will infect your computer!

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And the SpyAxe saga continues...

This time it appears that a number of individuals are recommending a "cure" for SpyAxe on various internet forums (Example #1, Example #2). This downloadable file,, does not remove SpyAxe. While it does disable the SpyAxe popup, it also installs a trojan horse (trojan.zlob) on your computer. This trojan can be used to install other software such as spyware or viruses in the future.

The source of this file is none other than the makers of SpyAxe. Adware Report readers were first alerted to this fake cure in January. If you've downloaded and have run this file on your computer, you should immediately download and run a reputable anti-spyware program.

Thanks to Jason Boudreau for this tip!

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